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Museum Monday – Off to Albuquerque for the AIC Annual Meeting!

This week I’m off to the American Institute for the Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (AIC) annual meeting, this year in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It will be the first time I’ve visited New Mexico, so I’m looking forward to seeing friends and eating some good grub while I’m there. I understand if I want both red and green sauces, it’s called “Christmas.”

Of particular note, this will be the inaugural meeting for the AIC Collection Care Network (CCN). The CCN is a network centered around preventive conservation. It will bring allied preservation professionals together through the sharing of resources, development of tools, and creation of language, data, and information to support collections care professionals who are not conservators. Much of the work of preventive conservation is undertaken by those who are not conservators.

RL Fifield cleaning artworks, 2008.

As a Collection Manager, I have long sought a professional organization to which I can belong. Some would say “join the Registrar’s Committee of the American Association of Museums!” RC-AAM does great work, but their aims are very focused on the work of registrars, which I deal with infrequently. Even if I worked in a smaller museum, there are questions I need answered that require conservation input.  Also, offerings at AAM’s annual meeting rarely offer enough for a collection manager to justify attendance. I work most closely with my department’s conservators, so I have thrown my hat into the ring at AIC, and the Collection Care Network will be a place for collection managers to collaborate and contribute to the field.

Who’s with me? Full disclosure: I’m the first Vice Chair of the CCN. See you in Albuquerque.

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