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How Readers Find The Still Room

Gurnice Stephens. Harford County, Maryland. 1944.

It’s no secret, I can see the search terms readers use to get to The Still Room. Some I can tell that you’ve tripped onto this site by accident. Others, I wish you had left a comment so we could discuss what you were looking for, because it sounded of interest to me too. And, while I’m not surprised, the Lolita seekers are always at the top of the heap every day, finding my post on Lolita fashion, which has little to do with Lolita literature. Still, those of you that find the blog via search engines seem like a varied and interesting crowd.

Rail fans: Norfolk Southern Heritage Units pictures of the old penn station in new york city before it was demolished (sigh – see New York Penn Station) ever again going to use Communipaw [Jersey City CRRNJ terminal in Liberty State Park] – reader, I wish so too.

New York searches: study of archaeological manhole cover style change in new york city (what?) – See Travel by Design: Manhole Covers West side highway New York tenements plans – See Tenement Treatment for Tuberculosis

Museum folks: What is a collections manager? (I’m glad I wrote that post, because it seems to have filled a need) Heritage Preservation Emergency Preparedness and Salvage Wheel

Readers with whom I’d like to strike up a conversation (if this is you, please leave a comment!) Gilbert and Paradise Archaeology Aberdeen (this is my family) Gilbert family cemetery harford, md – see Digging Up My Ancestors Millard Filmore Bayless canning business maryland (this is my great great great uncle) – see Waiting for Tomatoes Bowman genealogy NC

Really? Compelling servanthot ma hot skip skip abby (I have no clue what this is) I eat only tomatoes (I’m sorry) don’t museum (museum is a verb? then I go museum-ing every day!) i might be inbred – see Digging Up My Ancestors – Inbred, and join the club what is age appropriate for lolita clothes? (*facepalm*)

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