My writing is welded to place. The places that mold us,  the miles we travel, the spaces in which we drown. My work has been featured in or is forthcoming in The Ignatian, Brushfire, Cobalt Weekly, Caveat Lector, and Blue Lake Review

I write about road trips. Philadelphia. Rage. Dried-up tourist attractions, 24-hour layovers, cities, both too precious and not, railroads, abandoned roads, tangled neurons.  The Roseland Ballroom. Traveling alone . Prigg v. Pennsylvania.

Check out my CV for scholarly and professional writing on museums, unfree women in the American colonies, and emergency preparedness. I hate the term "behind-the-scenes" and encourage my museum and library colleagues to give it up. I'm currently working on a follow-up article to my 2011 "Had on When She Went Away..." article in Textile History, as well as a follow up to my 2019 article "Hiring Collection Managers..." that was featured in the Journal of Museum Management and Curatorship.