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Mexican Ice Cream in Kennett Square, PA

I usually think of mushrooms when I think of Kennett Square. This corner of Pennsylvania is known for growing famous fungus. Check out any tub of mushrooms you buy at the grocery store and they usually read West Grove, Avondale, or Kennett Square, PA.

Happily, there is another reason to go over to Kennett Square, and fellow Winterthur residents Tom G. and Giovanna U. accompanied me over to La Michoacana, a Mexican ice cream shop on State Street. Choosing flavors here is tough – if you are more “rocky road” oriented, those flavors are available. But the fun is in trying different flavors, like corn ice cream sprinkled with cinnamon. Other flavors on offer included avocado, mamey (a sweet and custardy fruit with an intense pink color – like Pepto), and shredded cheese (which I did not try). They also make sundaes and a range of their own popsicles, from plaintain to papaya. Alas, the limits of the human stomach.

I chose corn and coffee ice creams, and the man behind the counter said that the coffee ice cream was made with Mexican coffee, so it had a kick. Great combination! Although they have embraced the local economy with their mushroom popsicle – I love mushrooms and adventurous eating, but I think I would be hard-pressed to select that flavor with the joy that generally accompanies a visit to the ice cream parlor.

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