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Share the Care: AIC’s Collection Care Network and the International Association of Museum Facility A

Think about it: how much time do you spend working with colleagues to achieve preservation-conducive conditions at your institution and managing expectations? How much of that work have you had to do on the fly? In the hall? At lunch? Looking at HVAC equipment, or over floodwaters? Wouldn’t you like to sit down and enjoy a day to focus on shared goals between conservation and facilities colleagues?

Join the American Institute for Conservation’s (AIC) Collection Care Network (CCN) and the International Association of Museum Facility Administrators (IAMFA) for a pre-session to the AIC/CAC Annual Meeting in Montreal, May 13-14. The session is entitled Share the Care, focusing on our shared efforts, risks, and responsibilities in the preservation of collections.

Each of four sessions will involve short presentations and an interactive session to get facilities and conservation voices talking about the issues they face in buildings bridges for preservation in their organizations. The sessions and speakers include:

Collaborative approaches to facilities construction, renovation, and operation: Lois Price, (Winterthur), John Castle (Winterthur), Jack Plumb(National Library of Scotland, Ret.), Deborah Potter (Tate)

Collaborative approaches to emergency management: Maryanne McCubbin (Museum Victoria), Laura Hortz Stanton (CCAHA), Nick Artim (Heritage Protection Group)

Collaborative approaches to achieving appropriate environmental guidelines: Jeremy Linden (IPI), Julian Bickersteth(International Conservation Services), Barry Knight(The British Library, Ret.), Michael Henry (Watson and Henry), and Smithsonian colleagues Nancy Bechtol, Catharine Hawks, Kendra Gastright, and Sarah Stauderman will present on the Smithsonian Preservation Environment Summit

Collaborative approaches to selecting fire suppression systems: Nick Artim, Heritage Protection Group, Israël Dubé-Marquis, Canadian Centre for Architecture (CCA), Carolyn Morgan, Bruce Peel Special Collections & Archives, Karen Potje, also of CCA, Ala Rekrut, Archives of Manitoba, and John Ward, Canadian Conservation Institute.

Registration is $140. To register, visit the AIC website at

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