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Travel By Design: Painted Advertisements

How did you used to make money off your barn or shed? Allow a hand painted sign to advertise on the side. Here are a few from the road…along with some derivative works for fun.

West of York PA

West of York PA, on the Lincoln Highway. RL Fifield 2005

West of Cashtown Mail Pouch Barn

It’s a Two-Fer. A barn between Gettysburg and Cashtown, Pennsylvania on the Lincoln Highway advertises for both Mail Pouch Tobacco and the Totem Pole Playhouse. RL Fifield, 2005.

OH East of Gomer 2

More a collection of metal signs than an intentional advertisement, this shed in Gomer, OH on the Lincoln Highway gets high marks for its Mail Pouch sign and derivative style. RL Fifield, 2005.

Westminster MD Sherwood Distillery

An advertisement for the former business inside, this site is the former home of Westminster, Maryland’s Sherwood Rye Distillery. A bottle of Sherwood Rye is preserved in the collections of the Historical Society of Carroll County. RL Fifield, 2005.

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