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Wanderlust Wednesday: An Evening in Luxembourg

Yes, Luxembourg is a tiny country, but I wish I’d spent more than an evening there.

In Europe, if you are stuck at the airport hotel, always ask how far away town is. You might be surprised how easy it is to get away from the chain hotel (however modern) and get a good meal and some culture. It worked for me in Amsterdam (10 min. by bus to Centraal!) and it paid again in Luxembourg. It was 15 min. by bus into the city center, costing 1.50 Euro.

The light was fading fast as I snapped this pic. Luxembourg, RL Fifield 2012.

Luxembourg is a city of cravasses and fortresses, incredible ravines and narrow winding streets with houses clinging to their slopes. Fortunately, there is an elevator in the cliff that takes you from the lower portion of town to the higher rise. I had just come from Germany, rebuilt in a good deal of simple 1950s modern. Luxembourg, in comparison, was like a fairy tale, with lots of money. One friend says no Luxembourger actually works – they just live off investments. Perhaps that’s not exactly true.

The waning light limited the amount of photos I could snap, but there’s more to explore here.

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