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Wanderlust Wednesday – The Market at Loches

Dr. V, Jeremy Witteveen, (of Le Cafe Witteveen), and Tina Serafini and I all decamped to France in June. Our cheery, sunny French vacation was mostly cloudy and frequently chilling during an unusually cold and rainy summer. No matter! We explored the country side south of the Loire Valley, making the tiny hamlet of Beaumont-Village and my friend Ms. B’s parents’ house our base of operations (you can rent it at airbnb). In this corner of France, every view is beautiful.

Nearby, the medieval town of Loches has a famous Saturday market, which winds through the crooked old streets. A few pics from our trip to Loches.

A charred cake you break open to eat.

A charred cake you break open to eat. RL Fifield.

IMG_3165 copy

Lovely, lovely tripe. RL Fifield.

IMG_3164 copy

Radishes are beautiful. I wish I liked them more. I like the French practice of eating them with butter and salt. Truthfully, I think I’m just more into the butter. RL Fifield.

IMG_3161 copy

Gorgeous flowers everywhere. RL Fifield.

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