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Museum Monday – Most Popular Questions in the Gallery

I wear a badge, so when I am travelling through the galleries during open hours, visitors ask me questions – and I really try not to appear to be stupid. The truth is, I just don’t have the experience answering directional questions that my colleagues in Security do. Here are a sampling of most common questions asked by museum visitors:

“Where is the restroom?” (by far the most popular) “Where is the exit?” “Are you a curator?” (nope – good segue into discussing collection care!) “What are you doing?” (a great question when I’m dusting artwork, allows me to talk about collection care!) “Can I take your picture?” (this can be cool or not cool, depending on what you are doing) “Where is ____ [obscure show in a department on the other side of the museum which I forgot to see]?

Museum colleague friends – what are your favorites?


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