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Tune into AIC’s Cost Effective and Sustainable Packing, Moving, and Storage Webinar on Sustainable C

AIC is hosting two webinars on sustainable conservation. On December 1 at 2pm EST, I’ll join Simon Lambert and T. Ashley McGrew in talking about sustainability in packing, storage, and long-term preservation management. Simon will discuss Re-Org, a program of ICCROM and UNESCO that helps cultural heritage collections improve collection storage with available materials. Re-org provides guidance to users to determine what collections need tighter environmental parameters, so that investment in precise preservation environments can be saved for those collections with the greatest need. Ashley will discuss ways to introduce sustainability into the packing and shipping processes, including the use of reusable crates and shipping methods. I wrap up the presentation with some big picture ideas about how the way we make preservation, and therefore collection access happen is a key part of organizational sustainability. I’ll discuss how organizational mission can be sustained through smart preservation work by discussing smart ways to work together, our work spaces, support of our staff, and how we should get the public involved by making them aware of the challenges we face in preserving cultural heritage.

Join us on Dec. 1 at 2pm EST. Visit

Save money and purchase two webinars – the second sustainable conservation webinar is on Dec. 8, and discusses Life Cycle Assessments, specifically focusing on loans.

This program is supported by a grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and donations from members of the American Institute for Conservation and its friends.

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